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Breeding Bulls

Breeding Bulls

Our company is involved in programs that enable us to carry out 100% supply execution of pure breed and healthy Breeding Bulls. Interested buyers can get in touch with us for obtaining Breeding Bulls at market leading prices. We guarantee our Breeding Bulls are in optimum shape and bred in hygienic conditions. They can buy from us as per requirement.  

More About Breeding Bulls

For your requirement of breeding bulls of MURRAH, SAHIWAL, GIR,RATHI and THARPARKAR breeds for the purpose of Semen collection and Natural service for the improvement of your herd, khurana Dairy Farm has its own farm bred, Government farms and CHRS registered bulls with complete pedigree records to meet your requirements.

Breeding Bulls With Following Records Are Available

Breed Age Lactation Yield
Murrah 2 year to 3 years 3000-4500 liters
Sahiwal 1 and half to 3 years 2500-4000 liters
GIR  2 year to 3 years 3000-4500 liters
Tharparkar 1 and half to 3 yrs 2000-3500 liters

Prior intimation of 15-20 days is required to be given for selection of bulls. Breeding Bulls with specific requirements of selected pedigree have to be booked one year in advance.

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