Khurana Dairy Farm
Khurana Dairy Farm


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  • Breeding of genetically superior Murrah Buffaloes.
  • Improvement in milk production of Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi and Tharparkar breeds of Indian Cows and their Breeding Bulls.
  • Making available good quality Murrah Buffaloes at most affordable rates.
  • Marketing of Murrah Buffaloes, Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi and Tharparkar breeds of indian cows and their highly pedigreed breeding bulls.
  • Marketing excellent quality of Bovine Frozen Semen of Elite Bulls of Murrah, Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi and Tharparkar breeds.
  • Providing technical know how in setting up of small, medium and large dairy projects.
  • Promotion of Dairying for self employment.
  • Training of small dairy farmers in management and health care of milch animals.
  • Breeding and Genetic improvement of Murrah Buffaloes and Indigenous cattle.
  • To create and maintain disease free status so as to boost marketing of superior livestock.
  • To provide people of India A2 protien Deshi cow milk and A2 protein Deshi Cow milk Ghee prepared with traditional methods.